Monday, March 24, 2008

Mother Nature's Egg Blooper

When searching the web for national poultry news I came across a strange article from this website, On this page I found a short story on a rare egg that is first of its kind. An egg was hatched without the shell and was only held together by the shell membrane. Strange enough not only was the egg missing the shell, but it was also seperated into two different compartments. The shell membrane was holding the yolk in one compartment and the egg white (albumin) in another compartment. If this kind of event could occur again or could be reproduced, companies that produced egg seperators would be possibly go out of business. Also, resturants would increase their demand for this type of egg. The website for this specific rare egg article is also found on the previous website, is It provides pictures and a Utube video showing this strange eggs existance.

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A.T.Pullen said...

that is so cool, tho i am left with a few questions. first from where was this egg found? was it in a small flock or a production house? also if it was a small flock do they know what bird did it? i think it would be interesting to investigate what caused the hen to produce a 'egg' like that.