Friday, February 29, 2008

"Raising Chickens....its "health" benefits

Plenty Magazine explored the ways in which keeping hens as a barnyard turned into backyard pet that is very helpful to your garden area as well as your health. Hens are easy enough for anyone to keep as all they need is a sheltered area that is cleaned and has a nice area where the hen can lay her egg because as we all know, hens will not lay eggs until they are content with their environment. The hen needs about 100-150 grams a day of feed in order to stay healthy and even adding cider vinegar to their water will help with the molting process.

In another article I found, that encourages free-range chickens mind you, there is a listing of the health benefits that come from free-range chicken eggs. These chickens who supposively lived in "rotational" cages in some 14 flocks throuoght the country. This company decided to conduct their own research for this assignment. Thus not a reliable resource.

In search of an article in disagreement with "sustainable" agricultural savings i was overwhelmed with hundreds of "organic raised is the way" websites but finally stumbled upon a website based out of London that finds different results than the studies listed above. This site lists organic chickens as "less nutritious, containing more fat and a horrible taste". And tests show they are actually lower in the healthy omega-3 fatty acid and are also lower in antioxidants.

Until true, non-biased research is done by a government sanctioned program, there will be much debate over which "form" of raising chickens is the healthiest and best for humans. Until then, sort through all of the nonsense litature about organic chickens and enjoy your conventional farming chicken on your plate tonight!

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